Fall Has Arrived in Santiago

While we were away in San Pedro de Atacama, the “Driest Place on Earth”, where it rained buckets and hailed teacups, fall officially and actually arrived in Santiago.

Behold! In the distance, snow on the Andes and skies cleared of smog by two days of cool rain.

Fall in Santiago
The construction cranes have yet to migrate north for the winter.

Santiago is at 1700 feet in elevation, so the climate is not exactly like Los Angeles. It’s a little bit cooler, with the highest high temperature never getting above 100 degrees, and with fall coming in a little more promptly than in LA.

By the way, you’ll notice in the photo above, there are now two construction cranes operating across the street. The smaller yellow one appeared over the four days while we were gone in the desert. Fans of industrial safety will note that the smaller crane sits within the lift footprint of the larger crane, meaning our friend Crane Guy has to be careful not to swing a load into the smaller crane, something that would presumably have disastrous results.